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Hey Sindy here, you’re going to read my uncensored Silver Lotto System Review by an actual user and find out what I really think of Silver Lotto System.

Silver Lotto System is one of the leading lotto systems online. The system uses its own lotto mathematical formulas that devised by Ken Silver himself. Yes, the book is about Statistics and Mathematics. It teaches you how to increase your odds of winnings statistically. But, don’t be worried if you are not a quant. Actually, the primary benefit of the Silver Lotto system is the ease of use.

The Silver Lotto System require its users just to fill out previous lotto information, which can be done by a simple pen and a piece of paper. It does not require any downloading of software or further purchasing of any equipment.

The system can be used for any state lotto, as well as lotteries in most other countries. However, it cannot be used on lotteries that use over 69 numbers. Ken Silver claimed that the system can increase your chances of winning the lottery by 100 times.

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